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Friday, July 01, 2005

Getto Reviews Bravo!

Getto has set me off again. Today he reviewed Bravo! which is some Italian Chain in Brookfield Square. He spent the entire article ripping the restaurant then gives them 2.5 stars. Read the article yourself and let me know if you think this place deserves a 2.5 based on his review. Oh and in an earlier post I mentioned how he likes to boast about his culinary expertise and I ripped him for complaining because some place asked him if we wanted cheese with his seafood dish. Well he pulled that one out again, complaining about parmesan on his Mahi Mahi. If you look at the menu it says the fish is parmesan encrusted. Again, if you order something and you know it has cheese, don’t complain about it and ramble on about how cheese on fish is unheard of.


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