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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Exciting changes at Undelicious

First, I have decided that the name Undelicious is probably not the best name for a food blog. For those who don’t get the Simpson’s reference, a word like Undelicious conjures up visions of eating shitty food or nasty entrails like the idiots who are on Fear Factor. The goal of this site is to celebrate that which is delicious not that which is undelicious. I also want to create more of an emphasis on the State of Wisconsin with postings and articles on Wisconsin restaurants, farmer’s markets, recipes, ingredients, and anything else food, beer, or wine related. The scope of this site will not solely be on Wisconsin as I intent on writing about food related items in my travels out of state. Nonetheless I wanted the name of the site to reflect the content and with that I would like you to introduce you to (nothing there yet)

I wanted a .com address but some lady from Monticello Wisconsin has registered it.


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