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Monday, September 12, 2005

Getto strikes again.

The 2 people who actually look at this site realize that I cannot stand one aspect ofr Dennis Getto's reviews in the Journal-Sentinel. He likes to pepper his reiews with comments not meant to educate the diner about a restaurant, but rather show off his alleged culinary knowledge. In his review of Metro Bar and Café, Getto couldn’t help but show off his culinary knowledge of a bar staple when speaking of Metro’s buffalo wings:

“One other appetizer, boneless Buffalo wings ($6.95), struck me as odd. While the sauce was traditional Buffalo in flavor, the "wings" themselves were homemade, breaded nuggets. Traditional Buffalo wings aren't breaded, and half the fun of eating them is gnawing the meat from the wing bones.”

Well, if you read the fucking menu it says BONELESS fucking WINGS!!! Ok it didn’t say fucking but that is what I would be yelling at him as I beat him over the head with the Metro menu. He loves to order something, ignore the description, and then complain because it isn’t authentic. Getto should know that any self respecting wing-head would never ever even think of ordering something called “boneless wings” if they wanted a true wing experience. Oh and as for the breaded comment, many places do bread them and they kick major ass. Give me a breaded wing with killer sauce over some un-breaded one with some shitty homemade ass-sauce any day! Oh and what the fuck are you doing ordering wings at the Metro?


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