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Friday, October 14, 2005

Dennis the Menace

Holy shit! I cannot contain myself. Dennis Getto is at it again. He reviews Carabba’s Italian Grill in today's Jounral Sentinel and is crying because they use Romano cheese instead of Parmesan. What is his fucking obsession with Italian Restaurants and cheese? He also essentially compares the difference between Romano and Parmesan to the difference between cheddar and limburger. What?!?! I would argue that 9 out of 10 Americans couldn’t tell the difference between Parmesan and Romano, but 10 out of 10 could tell the difference between Limburger and Cheddar. Getto also complains about the fact that the servers grate the cheese for you. He claims restaurant managers are probably afraid you'll use too much and cut into their profit margins if the customer is allowed to put their own cheese on. No, they do it because they want you to have freshly grated cheese. They will let you pile the cheese as high as you want…just don’t say stop until you get what you want. Do you really want to use some cheese that is left on the table that every dirty little kid has stuck their hand in?

Also, he has to drop his obligatory know-it-all bullshit on readers again. In reviewing the Spiedino di Mare he says: “My main objection to a dish called Spiedino di Mare ($16.49) was its name. In Italian, a spiedino is some sort of roll-up and in Milwaukee, the word usually refers to beef rolled around a seasoned breadcrumb filling. Italian fish roll-ups are usually bread wrapped around an oyster. Carrabba's dish didn't even come close to the latter. This was a plate of eight shellfish - four scallops and four shrimp, rolled in crumbs, grilled, and then topped with lemon-butter sauce. The resulting flavor wasn't bad, but this was no spiedino."

What part of “shrimp and sea scallops coated with Italian breadcrumbs grilled and topped with lemon butter sauce” described in the menu didn’t you understand. If you wanted true Spiedino di Mare you should have read the fucking description, realized it was not what you wanted, and ordered something else. But then you couldn’t spew out your elitist food snobbery garbage. Nobody who goes to a chain Italian restaurant is really looking for authentic Italian. They are looking for Americanized Italian.

Oh and why does someone who complains about the crappy tastes of Milwaukeeans when they vote for the Olive Garden as best Italian continue to review more and more chain Italian restaurants? Does he simply like to point out the “errors” these chains make in the names of entrees to make himself feel better? My point is that if it tastes good, eat it and don’t worry about what it is called. You could call Sol Fire's Steak Frites "Turd steak and fries" and I would still order it because it tastes good


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  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger stephen said…

    Nothing for nothing, I find Ghetto to be inconsistent at best. Aside from the fact that a lot of what he comments on is based off of his own limited background in food (wow, he's cooked and worked odd jobs in kitchens, and he's taken classes at ICE. Not to knock ICE, which is an okay place to take classes, but taking a couple classes in accounting doesn't make me a CPA), he hasn't always eaten at the places he recommends or knocks when asked in his little lunchtime chats. In subsequent q&a's, I've seen him put a place down, then recommend it, then comment that he hasn't had the opportunity to eat there and is going by what he's heard. He's an ass, like I've found most critics to be.

  • At 2:07 AM, Blogger BeanoCook said…

    Talk about inferiority complex, ripping Ghetto has to top the list, esp from a food blogger.

    Ghetto actually was very well educated on the art of food. I guess you just assume that Milwaukee could never have a top shelf food reviewer so you reflexively ripped him. Ironic because you frequently rip Milwaukee for having an inferiority complex.

    Look in the mirror mr little league food guy.


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