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Monday, September 12, 2005

WTF is a Flying Hicca?

I am not really sure but they do provide a definition on their website. If you live in Tosa or Washington Heights and complain about the lack of nice places to dine in the area, especially along Vliet Street, shut your yap and go to The Flying Hicca at 5000 W. Vliet Street (across from Wick Field). It was dead on a recent Friday night and that is unacceptable for a place that kicks this much ass. I have not had this much fun dining in a long time. Its not a sit-down fine dining establishment but it is an affordable wine bar with a great selection of wine, cheese, and other delicious salads and sandwiches. I will not give a full review but we had a great 3-cheese platter, a prosciutto sandwich, and one of the best spinach and strawberry salads I have ever eaten. We also had a couple glasses of reasonably priced wines and they will even let you buy a bottle off their shelves for an extra 6 dollar corkage fee.

Stay away from the half-assed Indigo with their shitty sweet potato fries, stale, freezer burnt rolls, and inedible rice pilaf and spend far less money at the Flying Hicca.
5000 Vliet St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208


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