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Friday, August 11, 2006

I used to write a blog called “Beer City Blog” where I commented on all kinds of happenings in Milwaukee. I grew bored with that but every once in a while I need to get some non-food related commentary off my chest. This week I needed to comment on WISN radio.
Mark Belling and that asshole programming manager Jerry Bott are crying because WISN lost the broadcast rights for Marquette Basketball. Bott questioned why they would leave for one of the worst rated stations in the City. Nice jab, you asshole. You completely dropped all sports programming from your shitbag station and fucked over the best sports talk show host in the state so you could have 24 hour angry white male conservative talk and then you cry when Marquette bails on you. For those who don’t know, Bott bumped Steve “The Homer” True’s 6-8 pm show (which had been on air for around 15 years) to 9pm so they could air that prick Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio show. True soon left the station for 1510 WAUK.

Belling’s criticism of the decision was very similar however he is so full of himself that he believes they bailed because he criticized Marquette when they wouldn’t change their name back to the Warriors. Look you weasel-faced loser, you are not the center of the universe. Contrary to your belief you are not the reason everything happens in Milwaukee. In fact, most WAUK hosts also ripped Marquette’s naming decision. He then took a shot at Steve True, calling him a Marquette Whore. Um, assface Steve True is an employee of Marquette when he broadcasts games. He would get fired if he ripped them, as would most employees if they ripped their bosses in public. Belling should stick to what he knows best, telling brain dead white suburbanites how to think and chasing after skanks at Victor's. (a side note, about 30 minutes after I originally posted this, Homer dropped another Victor's jab). You see Belling looks like a weasel. He has a face for radio, which means he has to hang at Victor's, where people of all ages go to hook up. I am guessing he plays the odds...if he goes there every night eventually someone will be druunk enough and desperate enough to sleep with him.

Look this decision makes the most sense. WAUK is the best sports station in the City (WSSP sucks ass) and they should try to get as many sports as possible. They may not be the highest rated AM station, but they will likely gain a ton of new listeners as a result of this. People will follow Marquette to whatever radio station broadcasts them.


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