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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Marcel Biro on Restaurant Guys Radio

Marcel Biró and his wife Shannon Kring Biró owners of Biró, and O' in Sheboygan will appear on Restaurant Guys Radio, which one of the better food podcasts on the net. It’s actually a live radio show that they upload as a podcast, but it is very fun and informative. Other guests have included Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio , and Ruth Reichl among several others. Look for Marcel to speak about German Cuisine and his expansion plans. Marcel and his wife Shannon Kring Biro have also co-authored Biró: European-Inspired Cuisine and the great PBS series The Kitchens of Biró. For those who have never watched, it is a very interesting look at cooking and the restaurant business. The first segment is Marcel discussing the ingredient and showing how to cook it in a "studio" kitchen. Then he goes to the restaurant and you see him and the other chefs preparing the item and several others in advance of dinner service, then there are interviews with the customers to see if they liked it. There are deviations from this format, which also keeps the show interesting.

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