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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Podcast Review - The Good Beer Show

I have found another Podcast to get excited about. Its called the Good Beer Show (GBS)and it is absolutely genius. Based in Muncie, Indiana and hosted by Jeffrey T Meyer along with his professional beer drinking buddies (as he lovingly refers to them as), the GBS is about 30 minutes of beer tastings and discussions, great local and independent music, and sometimes interviews with brewmasters and band members. The show is light-hearted and doesn't take itself seriously, much like another favorite podcasts, Gastrologica. Jeffrey T is a hop head, as are some of his friends, which is anothe reason I like the show. Plus I am a huge fan of indie and punk music, which is what is usually featured in between beer discussions.

I fell in love with the show upon hearing the show into...which features Jeffrey T Meyer saying "Hey buddy, what did you just put in your cart? I see you're drinking football beer (referring to the bland Miller/Budweiser style beers). I knew this show and I would get along just fine. The show is usually recorded at the Heorot, a beer hall in Muncie. There is a lot of background noise from chatter among bar patrons to the occasional breaking glass. You really feel as if you are there clinkin' and drinkin’ with Jeffrey T and his friends.

From one Jeffrey T to another, keep up the good work GBS!