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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eat Wisconsin Weekly Roundup

Milwaukee Considers a Foie Gras Ban?
Well not really, but it seems the Journal is trying to stir up this topic that hasn’t even been a blip on the radar in our area. I am guessing they want a Trotter-Tramanto war of words like they had in Chicago. Let’s hope our lawmakers have more sense than to bow to the ridiculous, misguided, self-serving demands of a small but vocal minority. Mark Belling spke briefly on this yesterday and in a rare moment I found myself agreeing with him...until he tried to tie it into the global jihad threat.

Review of Palmer’s Steakhouse in the Journal
When I was younger one of my favorite restaurants was the Cobblestone Inn in Hartland, WI. It was my family’s “special occasion” restaurant and it was great. Great steaks, walleye, duck, and other supper club fare. I was last there about 4-5 years ago and had a great filet mignon with blue cheese. Then they closed and some people put in some pizza joint, ruining the interior of a great restaurant. Thankfully it failed and has been taken over by Palmer's Steakhouse. No its not that (Charlie) Palmer though I think the choice of the name Palmer's is suspicious. Maybe they figure the connotation with Charlie Trotter Steak is enough to draw more people. Anyhow, the review can be found here.
Trader Joe's is coming.
The Journal discusses the store here. I am loking forward to this. Though a lot of their stuff is nothing but Aldi products with fancier packaging, they have great prices on gourmet cheese, olive oils, vinegars and all kinds of great products. I too am suckered in by 3 buck Chuck.

Best thing I ate this week:
Pretty mediocre week in terms of food. I made fajitas with Steve Wasser of Gastrologica’s marinade recipe (with soy sauce), which were pretty awesome, but I think that the rib tips that I had smoked back in July and thawed this week take the cake. Smoked food stores great in the freezer and it was great to enjoy these without spending 6 hours manning the smoker.

Worst thing I ate this week:
Considering I ate a breakfast Tornado off one of those hot dog rollers at Speedway for breakfast, you'd think it'd be an easy choice. Actually I enjoy those things, unlike Mr. Pastrami. The sandwich I ate there sucked ass.

Next week in Undelicious:
Smokin' butts - I will document a day of smoking pork shoulder and some other goodies for my fantasy football draft (this may come the following week, depending on my schedule)
Review of Michael's Italian American Restaurant fish fry and an interesting new addition to Waukesha's dining scene.


  • At 6:40 PM, Blogger mzn said…

    Yeah, I like TJ's too. I stock up there on every trip to Chicago. But the new Bayshore looks so unappealing with all those huge parking structures. I hope getting in and out of there isn't a huge hassle. And the quote in the JS article about how unique TJ's is just made me want to barf.

  • At 7:34 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    I have noticed that Milwauekeans are always enamored with chains that we don't have. While TJ's is great, it is basically an upscale Aldi. Its owned by Aldi and they use the same business model. Buy up excess food (gourmet food for TJs, regular staples for Aldi), re-brand it, and sell it at a reduced price. Actually, I have seen items at Aldi under the "Grandessa" label that are the exact same thing sold at TJ's under the TJ label, with a slight markup in price.

    In New York or Chicago, independent restaurants and gourmet food stores are what people get excited about. Here in Milwaukee people get a boner over PF Changs, Trader Joes, and The Cheesecake Factory. Its always been this way and the media doesn't help matters. They will cover the opening of a chain like its the president coming to town, but when a great new independent place opens up, they are nowhere to be found. Assholes!


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