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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mr. Pastrami's

Maybe my pilgrimage to the Legendary Katz's Deli in NYC has me ruined for life. After eating their Pastrami, I am hooked. That taste still lingers in my gastronomic memory and I just can't shake it.

Today I decided that I would take a trip to Mr. Pastrami's in Milwaukee with a coworker. We both ordered pastrami (with a name like Mr. Pastrami's, you almost have to don't you?). After a long wait of about 10 minutes we were informed there was only enough pastrami for one sandwich. WHAT??? Mr. Fucking Pastrami's ran out of Pastrami at 12:20? That would be like Taco Bell running out of tacos. We ordered a Cuban and decided to split each sandwich. Ten more minutes (we are up to 20 now) later we received our sandwiches and my order of tater tots (a guilty pleasure of mine), which I heard one employee call out a request for no fewer than 3 times before someone actually began frying them. Twenty minutes at a counter-service place at lunch is unacceptable, especially considering how empty the place was. With the exception of 1 (maybe 2) people, the employees seemed to have no clue as to what was going on.

I was willing to endure the heat, the strange smells, and the wait for a great pastrami sandwich. Unfortunately that sandwich never came. What I did recieve was a very bland sandwich with some very dry pastrami, lacking in any depth of flavor. It was very bland and dry (I thought I would mention that again because was fucking dry). Many Milwaukee publications rave about this sandwich. Milwaukeeans need to get their ass to Katz's before this place gets another drop of positive ink.

My recommendation is to stay away. This place sucks. I will likely never set foot in this place again. Oh, the Cuban was serviceable. Not great, but not offensive, though Dijon mustard on a Cuban is a big no-no. Not to sound like a know-it-all Dennis Getto clone, but you need to use plain yellow mustard.
This place is located at 3216 S. Howell Ave in Milwaukee should you dare try it.


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