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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick Review - Rochester Deli

Last Friday I grabbed lunch at one of my favorite Waukesha establishments, The Rochester Deli. The have more than quadrupled their dining area with the addition of a large dining room. Despite the fact that it was almost 2 pm on a weekday, the place was packed. I was busy on some home projects so I grabbed a pastrami sandwich to go. After my experience with that shithole Mr. Pastrami’s I wanted some decent juicy pastrami. Rochester Deli delivered! The pastrami, while not piled high like Katz’s was flavorful and well marbled with just the right amount of mustard added. There wasn’t a hint of dryness. It was served on great rye bread with a pickle and a potato salad (you can choose from one of their salads or chips) If you want some awesome pastrami that isn’t over-salted and dry, you must try the Rochester Deli. They also have great Rubens, breakfast omelets, and a unique Friday fish fry. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Rochester Deli
143 W. Broadway,
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186


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