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Monday, March 27, 2006

Food Podcasts

My new obsession is food podcasts. I stumbled upon the Culinary Podcast Network a few weeks back and downloaded some of the podcasts I thought were interesting. I expected long winded, poorly produced ramblings about food that I would probably regret downloading. I was proven wrong. What the CPN has done is accumulate the best and most interesting podcasts related to food and drink and created a one-stop source.
Of all the great podcasts at the CPN, the best one is from Gastrologica (podcast can be found HERE or on the CPN) which is hosted by Steve Wasser and Chef Dan Cincis. They are funny, entertaining, and full of information. Even though I already know about many of the techniques and equipment they talk about, they present it in such a manner that I cannot help but listen. I would highly recommend giving them a listen. This week's rant about Rachel Ray is classic.


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