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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I’m sorry brisket, please forgive me.

Last night I had an epiphany and its name was brisket. I have never really understood why BBQ aficionados had such a fascination with the brisket. Every brisket I have had has been overcooked, tough, and dry. The only brisket that I have truly enjoyed was didn’t even come from the BBQ universe. It was from Benji’s Deli in Shorewood. So last night I met some friends at Q – Real American Food for dinner. We had some of their smoked BBQ chicken wings (more on those later) and I had a ½ slab of Kansas City ribs. I was getting full so I offered to share my ribs with my buddies. One friend gave me a slice of his brisket and when I really looked at it I could tell it was different. It glistened with moisture and almost looked like a slice of juicy NY Strip Steak. Most brisket I’ve had has been dry and gray. One bite and I became a brisket convert. It was great. A crunchy crust and a tender, juicy, smoky inside. Though Q offers four great sauces to go with their meats, this brisket needed nothing though I admit to trying a bite with some of their Sprecher BBQ sauce.

Now I am infatuated and interested in brisket. Once it warms up, that is the first thing I am slapping on my smoker.


  • At 2:08 AM, Blogger BeanoCook said…

    How could you no know about the delights of brisket and at the same time profess a love for Pastrami?

    you are a food rube.


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