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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Updates soon

I have been so busy with work and household projects that I have been neglecting this blog. For the 2 of you who read it, I am truly sorry. I don't know how all of these bloggers find time for updates, let alone podcats. Anyhow I have notes and rough drafts for the following topics:

1. Restaurant Reviews
- Yokoso Sushi
- Benny's Seafood in Delafield
- Fish Fry ramblings and rantings

2. Recipes
- Grilled chicken tacos with grilled tomato and leek salsa
- Mussels with beer, jalapenos, and chorizo (or, what happens when Anthony Bourdain and Rachel Ray mate.....I'll explain in detail)
- Salmon with Guacamole, and grilled tomato sauce

3. General Comments and rantings
- Is the Milwaukee Public Market doomed?
- Why Pick N Save sucks ass
- Why Graash Foods kicks ass.

4. Quest for best wings and bar food - I attempted to start this last year but was too busy moving and getting married. This summer I will tool around Wisconsin on my motorcycle sampling bar fare whenever possible. My goal is to get a guide of all the great chicken wing recipes and spectacular bar food.


  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger mzn said…

    Can you leave a hint or two about why the Public Market is doomed? Everyone I talk to there says things are ok, but maybe they're not being straight with me.


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